VINYL 7" £4

Magic Lamp (Radio Edit)
Blue Moon

Recorded and mixed at Berry Street Studios
By Breathless, Kevin Poree and Drostan Madden
Cover photo by Eve Vamvas

Despite sharing its name with our album Blue Moon, this instrumental B side confusingly doesn’t actually appear on the album. It was initially known as Translation and was sent out as an advance tape to a number of journalists under that name, but we went off the name and changed it to Blue Moon instead, and is the song that we often start our live set with.
Magic Lamp (Radio Edit) differs from the album version in that it comes thundering in with the second heavier part of the song after only a few bars, whereas the album version meanders for a couple of minutes before getting to the heavy/vocal part of the song, which would have made it unplayable on radio as a single.

Taken from interview with Ari.