Don’t Just Disappear
Everything I See
Don’t Just Disappear (Radio Edit)

Recorded at Blackwing
Produced by Breathless, Drostan J Madden and Ken Gardener
Engineered by Ken Gardener
Cover photo by Ari

Don’t Just Disappear was again recorded at Blackwing with Drostan and Ken. After recording Between Happiness And Heartache I’d started listening to a lot of American music like Hole, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and was really taken with that sound and guess it kind of rubbed off and I started coming up with lots of heavy riffs on the bass, one of which was Don’t Just Disappear. But I think the thing that makes that song different is that although the bass and guitars are pretty over the top Dominic’s vocals and keyboard are both really laid back which I really like.
Although recording Don’t Just Disappear was quite straight forward I remember the mixing taking about ten hours, a lot of which was taken up with trying to get the guitar sound right so it would come thundering in at the beginning. With Everything I See we were originally going to record it with me playing acoustic guitar, which is how we played it live, but something happened to my guitar, I think if I remember rightly it got locked in the boot of Gary’s car or something silly like that, so I decided to play it on Gary’s electric guitar instead.

Taken from interview with Ari.