I wouldn't allow myself
to take what I want so much
I change my mind almost every day
That's something you should ignore
Pile on excuses, each like before
More like the barrel's dry today

There's nothing wrong with myself tonight
and there's no time to wander
where you don't belong
You see it's alright to leave us
but not for long
you could stay with us maybe
but we know that's not what you want
you never really stopped
I never thought you would
because we know that's not what you want

Those hours and these days follow
shadows into years
they come crashing through the wall
with alarming repitition
assuming their place
as unwanted possessions
I know they shouldn't be here at all
But I can't forget I won't forget
And they won't forget you
Are you lost to the weather?
Are you?


Sometimes there must be a reason
There must be reflection

All we know are feelings
for what we need


We must feel our way through
Decide ourselves

Told you this once before
Must we repeat ourselves
We cannot rule by force alone
So when our task is through
we believe in human affairs
and make believe the news is true
When we are told
I can dream
I can dream

Once I have told you
you need not try so hard
it’s just some kind of life
just to set yourself up
Type up a new address
turn on all the lights
and make it look like someone’s in
they’ll never know, when they look
where you are
Three times and waving
well it’s high tide
so follow the water course
the path of least resistance maybe
‘All in good time’ you’ll say
and sit and watch the clock
Well it comes as no surprise
to find yourself waiting for the word
The sense is always so ill-defined
you could turn off worlds
best kept by your side
best kept by your side

Your tireless work counts for little here
it's so unbelievable
all's fair with favour for a favour
and they must surely know
and they should really know

Running on and on
I'm all out of humour
and ready to rest
the new price of freedom
seems more than than I've got
it's strange how the new rule
seems destined for no goal
and what's this sound ringing in our ears?
it's just the sound of the wars
we don't want to fight for
Power hungry star eyed prefects
shoot blindly from their desks
pushing the wheel in a backward motion
leading us all somewhere
but it's nowhere
nowhere but over the edge
and they must surely know
they should really know
it's nowhere in particular
nowhere in particular
but swinging on a pocket watch
it's guns that keep us from sleep

Running on on and on
I’m all out of humour
and ready to rest and rest

You're getting old and you look the part
Don't pretend, say something's wrong
Your body burns when smartly dressed
Go right ahead until it's calm
burning out at arms length
Lord I am select tonight
You might at least accept for now
That note won't touch my skin
That note won't touch my skin
That note won't touch my skin
Oh this dizzy life spoils and turns the knife
Whether all forgot favour gained or lost
I have a dream somewhere
Thinking of this the song I love
.....we're so near we can hear you breathe
I have a dream somewhere....
Time flies Time crawls
Tell me who you are
Tell me what you want
Lifeblood is inbred
Tell me who you are
Tell me what you want
Oh this dizzy life
spoils and turns the knife
whether all forgot
favour gained or lost

Run till you drop
but you don't have to say a word
What's hidden here is an open secret
Say September sings
I do, I do believe it
But what's in store that won't deceive us ?
Pulling the spin to a halt
to step back and look inside somehow,
is this what you thought ?
I don't believe you
Grind to a halt And you wait to go backwards
Ease over there And you want to go forward
That's fine by me
But do you realize that way...
here we are hidden here
There isn't a stone you've left unturned.


Come so near
I'm watching you fall
You're forcing me sideways
So far from the rest
Far be it from this truth
There's no peace for the wicked
Needing, would set your mind at rest
I know you would if you could
But time is of the essence
With this thread all but
lost in thought
The days go by so fast
It's just that day today
Oh, it's just that day today

Once tried, never forgotten
Two worlds spinning around
llike it's field-day
All these things stop and turn
in my sight
And I'm thankful
And it's all I know
why time should choose
which rivers flow
And then turn them off like the light
And I wonder, I really wonder...

If all you, you do so well
Then where ever you go
I'll go with you All this seems so far away
These things that I could share
hold secrets still that I can't see
Well it doesn't matter now
Because it didn't matter anyway
you battered your nerves and gave in so easily

Working from the idea
that it's best to stop than fall
let's call this home now
Sinking into moments
where distraction's for the best
we'll call this home now
Oh let's make a night of it
will the watchdog sound asleep It's alright
Slowly we work the thread
that's all but lost in thought
to the wonder we're all waiting for
But it's so far away now



Paralyzed, here in my minds eye
Here is a place you could call your own
If you laugh at the chance
then just turn a blind eye
Here is a place you could bear your soul
But time honoured cynics won't let that be
So you'll slip round the back door and ask them all
And give them a reason to catch at straws
They'll just foster their ideas to string up this optimist
Through fortune or error you've coloured the meaning
As a matter of course you'll rush through your lifetime
turning a blind eye to world weary crossfire
Damn you just for this
You haven't a word to comfort or crucify
Between the lines is that where the truth lies
Crippled by virtues borrowed from text books
In which God only knows what the author was dreaming of
Slaves to pretentions never commit yourselves
to favour a notion that isn't based upon
second hand news from world weary lips
Don't look for direction
Just persecute this

A long forgotten triumph
turns up to force the hand
However sure the pretext
I find it best to test the ground
I'm not able to follow fate
If I could only point out,
one mistake I've made
It's I've relied on luck

It's as fickle as the four winds
though fuel to the flames
that burn out just to tell us
What's here today could be gone the next
If I could only point out
a few mistakes I've made
I might just for
get just how far I've got
not enough...

Caught in some line of fire
Stick and stones will break my bones
Cover me
Where are the words to comfort or crucify
Here is a place where your best can be
not enough not enough


Fall in for goldrush
It's all I know
Working nights to taste the breadline
Three hours sleep, refreshed for morning
Oh it's a lifetimes work
this taste for money that we have learned
I see from your face that you're tempted sometimes
to throw in the towel,so frustrated
Like a knife in the back
The unavoidable fact is that
this is the place you've just been through
Watching the growth of the forward attack
Don't it go slow
Working for space when you're working for the other times
Don't it go slow
Hanging around but we don't hear one word
close to god-speed pushing us on
When are you going to find the time
Waiting on the wire is all you really know


Whoever promised rain, I say
they must have felt some shread of doubt
Who (and why) could claim forever
and then so quietly just bow out?
I dare say it happens
Let's say they're here to test your strength
most of which is already spent
I never pray now for myself
But can I pray for someone else
I dare say it happens
I'd like to say don't believe a word
I had no idea that a victim sleeps
behind the painted smile of the newspaper headlines
Don't think that we have ever been so underhand
as to take it in
It would be serious if ever a wound set in
Well I'm sure, with your well healed scars
you'll never let that pretty face get dirty again
They're selling lies, as I see
To fatten up the proceeds
They're selling lies, they're wicked lies
The point devoured by open mouths
with one wrong track as the only way to go.