Take care to look as you pass
or you might miss the one thing
you’ve strived for all your life.
Across the water
there waves one sorry arm,
too soon.

Take care,
take care to drink from the cup
of hope and life for everyone,
once at least.
To know it’s worth much
more than this.
To know there’s always
more than this,
always one more miracle.

Oh, across the water...
I know what they’re meaning,
I hear that they’re saying ‘love’.
Across the water...
I know what you’re saying,
only the waiting hurts.
Across the water...
it’s no easy task for me
to hold you and to see.
Across the water...
it’s my only hope
there will always be room for me.


Push a little don't force
it when the time's right
we'll climb up
we know we're winning
I can feel we're winning
we can prove what we're worth
Wait a minute what do I do now?
you say you don't know
and I know you do too
It's all my eye
to outwit the suspect
trumped up and sold out
concocted to counterfiet
i know half as much to
what's coming round the corner
tell me if it's true
You say you don't know
I know you do too
Oh this never knowing
half suspecting
baited rat trap
to decoy the ambush
this luring trap door
to trip wire the deadfall
it's all my eye
to outwit the suspect
trumped up and sold out
concocted and counterfeit


Sometimes there’s nothing
so sweet as sleep.
Sometimes days are to short.
More or less the time finds strength
from the smile in your eyes.
A glance or two,
oh yes I follow that too,
I count on angels,
I count on laughs
to follow the right thing to do
and so far so good.
In the kingdom of the blind
the one eyed man must sleep at night.
He sleeps until the work is done,
he’s no more use to anyone.
The legends speak but not to me
and hope through fear can never be,
so let the bells ring out once more
and sing of warmth forever more.
We find things we’ve never known
and we’re so sold on life.
We learn words we never knew
and it feels so good.


For the second time tonight,
hearing the voice of the sand
winding through a small sit around,
we’ll feel alright,
we’ll live around.
Twist round. Touch the ground.
Can’t you play?
And oh, we eat much more than you,
blow kisses to the old and the blue.
Life lies sweet.
And oh, we eat much more than you,
remote from the world,
two days from eden.
Hold on like I do,
close your eyes
and simply smile through.
This town, this home,
it never alters
those hollow faces
that tempt our tired souls.
In times I’ve known
I’ve been taken in and led nowhere,
nowhere short of cold.
When will I be told?
(And) I never ever, ever never,
wanted more from you.
I never ever, ever never,
expected more from you.
I wait for the day
when you will be
so far away.
They take us for granted
and leave us lamenting
feeling like I do;
holding out for you.
I never ever, ever never,
wanted more from you.
I never ever, ever never,
expected more from you.
We’re full of praise,
dry eyed and fighting,
eyes open wide
we can’t feel the stones, no.
Feeling like I do; holding out for you.
They take us for granted
leave us lamenting.
(And) I can’t bear to see you.
I can’t bear to look at you.
My eyes are dry,
my heart is hardened,
the stones are dust to me.
Release is so close at hand.
Watching now, reaching now,
take this hand.
Christ knows I try.
Not suffering tonight.
Voluntary force.
What I want is mercy
not sacrifice.
Freedom while we wept oh no.
I’ll wait for now.
Release is close at hand.
Take this hand.

It’s uphill all the way,
but really so simple,
I don’t ask which way to go
for every road leads home.
I’ve heard it a thousand times
and every time I know.
Over the hill boy
all I know is that this coat’s warm,
but is it cold out?
Stand here,
here in the light.
Now, now we can see you,
bowled down,
nine days dumbstruck,
all of this is true...
a certain light shines from you.
Your mood turns from being up to down,
down, down below.
‘There’s no life here’ you say.
You’ve lost faith in all of your dreams.
So look here for your home.
This road’s the right one .
It’s here you belong.

Overhead the sky seems almost clear
the fire has seen the water dry
and age falls back on itself again
save yourself
and stay warm by the hope
you hold like I do I do
What kind of home is this?
What kind of home is this?
I don't know, I don't care
what time of day it is
"Send me more water, and now" she cried
and the clock rolls it's tired eyes
wait until morning
hold out until it comes
Heaven knows where all this goes
wasted thoughts that find no words
are you listening? are you listening?
What kind of home lets the cold winds blow
in from the badlands around where we are?
and how can a moment
burn down the bridges
we've worked hard so long to secure?
it's a fine time for kind hearts
to hang up their fine thoughts
and throw all regret to the fire
and burn with their memory
the wounds and the reveries
that all of their efforts have bought
gainsay resigning and callenge maintained
we borrow the skills for the course
and hand in the outcome forgetting to count up
that seconds in time are our loss
So christen these kind hearts
with names they don't deserve
and measure out the sanity
that falls into lunacy
hung bitter sweet faded and lost
Please don't turn away
from the innocence we hear
perfection is always ruined
when it's near enough to hear
those here would die for me I fear
and no one trys by their own admission
so pass the time and the ammunition
there is more for those still searching
oh come on and look again
it's not a question of superstition
there is no need to be afraid

Me in my home.
Dance till the morning,
you can do.
Call in the morning ,
you can do.
Me and mine.
My home.
Here in my homelife
there is so much room for you.
Those scars are ill winds
that linger like some old swansong.
I smile to myself,
those moments lost are moments
found by you.
My home.
Come in to my home.


Like a second sun came round,
like we’d never seen the dawn before.
We breathe
almost deeper than our hearts can reach
quite how or why we’ll never know.
We’ve stopped the clocks
and held our tounges
but never really felt the gain.
Whisper down the grapevine
just how many years...
Overhead the sky’s now clear,
down below the weather’s bitter,
I believe I can almost feel you
here in my home,
here in my arms.
Overhead the sky’s now clear,
down below the weather’s bitter,
I believe I can almost feel you
giving all away
and asking for more answers
I don’t know.
Feeling your way
and moving so unsure.
Stay by my side
rushes through my mind.
I know, oh I know that half a man can,
working back to mask the first time.
You’re adding wounds to former glories.
You double up and bridge the backdrop.
Count the times we’ve lost our reason.
Hold a light to all your trophies.
Is there one for having no hope?
Don’t you find the waiting drags now?
You can’t know how much I love this.
All I know is how I need it.
Whisper down the grapevine
just how many years you will wait now.
Call this place your goal.
Be by my side.