The harsh scorching sun
seems to hum in my head
Blurs by eyes
blurs my thoughts
Time stands still for me.
I’m watching my friends.
They’re shimmering,
they’re sailing new horizons
I just watch them go
Look at them go

I walk down to the water
let the chill sooth my soul,
and look at them go.
I just watch them go.

Is this the way he holds you?
Is this the way you kiss?
Is this the way he found you?
Is this what drew him in?

I love the way you tease me,
I know you lead me on.
I wouldn’t have it any other way.
This is the way I like it.
This is the way things should be.

What don’t you give when we share it all?
What should I think is behind it all?
Do yourself a favour.
Do yourself some good..
Do us all some good.

We know why we do the things we do,
they’re there to make us feel better.
We made it work,
we’d just sit and talk for hours.
we’d knock it down,
that’s what we always do.
We gave it up,
just like I knew we would.

So now I spend my time,
force things to the back of my mind.
I spend money I haven’t got
I scratch at plans I’m not sure that I want.
This is why I work the way I do.
This is why I say the things I do.
It seems like such along time ago
that you put your arms around me,
to hold me till the comfort drowned me.
These arms of mine they barely know you now.
These two arms still longing to hold you


My love, is that what you're frightened of?
It's too much.
I realise that now

One day, you'll find
that your heart broke
along with mine

I hate the way
your head rules your heart,
and I hate the day
I saw the sense in what you say.
Come come come
come reassure me

You didn't foresee this
you didn't understand
You can give it up
but it won't die down
I bet you realise that now
I bet you realise that now


All the evidence points
to a new dream
All the reasons slide
All the reasons blur
Listen to what they are saying
they say”it’s all gone”

I’ve been calling your house for days
Oh, but you’re never home
Just your voice on an answer-phone
me, a machine and my obsession

There’s got to be a reason
for you being here
There’s got to be a time.
Ther’s got to be you here
There’s got to be love
There’s got to be a reason
for you being here
There’s got to be time.

I’ll promise you it all
if you tell me all your secrets
I’ll take them
tear them open
pass the feeling round
send us spiralling down

Watching the world
it’s ticking along
from our lives
now turned upside down
They’re moving around us
showing no interest
It’s a strange feeling here

Do you feel anything?
Can you know how I feel?

What’s the matter now?
Too much the good time boy
with guilt, guilt, guilt
it’s all over your face

Two times more
no answered prayers?
No, none at all
Do what’s imagined you do
Imagine you do
For all
yes all
wash them all
Wash all
The taste, taste, taste
Listen to this
Listen to this

I’ve done bad things

You’re floating along
it’s hardly worth trying
secure in your so charmed life
You’re drifting
You know you are
It’s turning sour on you
The time to try
it’s coming soon