I'll listen to you when you feel like talking
I'll listen to you,
I've been waiting far too long a time
I've no idea where it might take us
I've never looked that far
I only hope, one day soon,
You'll turn to me and say;

Still missing you after all these years
Still sitting here thinking it through
I still think you'll call me,
The way I always plan to call you
But I know there's only me here looking now.

I stood and watched the last leaf fall today
Another autumn gone
The memories just wrap themselves around me
And drag me down
A hold so tight
That I lose sight of everything I've got
I know I'll get over this
I won't waste an more time

Still missing you after all these years
Still working my way through
Still wading through all these ghosts
I know I'll face them soon
As I know there's only me here looking still
Still looking for you


I dreamt last night
That it all worked out
But I barely recognised us
Meek and polite
Terribly bright
Not right

So, let's try a code
We'll never say a harsh word
But we're so, so cruel
In the things we never do
And the things we leave behind.

One day the dream comes
The next day a plan forms

One day the dream comes
The next day the money's gone

And so the dream goes on

How we dare to be dreamers
How we dare to go on
This one mystifies us
And so the dream goes on

Brought back to earth today
Brought back
Swept out
And washed away.
I feel like running away
But I feel tired
I feel like hiding away
Even though I like you
I wouldn't do that to you
Even though I care about you
I couldn't do that
I felt like running away
But I felt tired
I felt like hiding away.


You used to say nothing could stop you
Well look at you right now
Your reinvention failed to help you
Never got off the ground.
You used to think nothig could hurt you
Well look at you right now.

You left behind your friends and family
And all for what?
Call them now
Follow this
Calling you home.
Tell them the chance you see
It may be nothing they want you to be.
Tell them your desires
And who you think you are


I'm biding my time
Till hard feelings die down
Unfair, that's how it seems to me
You haven't spoken in days

Somehow I let you down
I always try to reassure you
Do all I can to help you out
Some places I just can't reach
And I just don't know what to say to you
All I can do is stay beside you

I understand your state of mind
It fills me with fear
I'm beside you now
But there's something else
That stands between us here
I thought it long gone that song
I thought it long gone that's all
You'll never know how it kills me so
To see you sitting there
Tearing at the thoughts
You think no one understands
Or wants to hear
Try me, I'm here beside you.

Somehow I let you down
Just stood there and watched you drown
I wasn't there to reassure you
I wasn't there to help you out.
Well I don't remember it that way
I would have said the right thing
Were there anything to say
All I could do was stay beside you

Another day of changes
Another one
I wonder how long these will last
I wonder if this time
My resolve will come to much.
I wish I had the good sense
To give this more of my time.
Work hard
Play some
Work hard and see it done.

I think about the things I've done
It wouldn't take much
To spend time and work it all out.
I think about the times that I've stood
At the water's edge
So many times
And it's so strange
I saw myself rising
I saw myself rise above.

I'm going to walk out
My head held high
They'll see it
They'll know I was right
I'll think about the things that I've done
It wouldn't bother me to take some
And wrap them in iron
I'll think about the times that I've stood at the water's edge
I saw myself rising.

I listen now
For every sound
I feel you're here.
Here with me.
It troubles what I think
I'm sure you never left me.
Somehow I feel so alone
Some how I feel so left behind
And calling in all the silent hours
Facing the thoughts that never leave me
This is all I ask
This is all I hope for
Stay with me

Somewhere in this room
Behind the light
They're here.
She'll trace a path across my brow
And draws me in.
I feel her her breath against my skin
I hear him whisper
'Come closer in
We're here
We're with you
We are always with you'

Will you listen now
Will you not be told
You live a life
And that's all
No fading
I know that you're thinking
Stay here
Stay mine.